Onyx Gems πŸ’œπŸ’Ž

Loyalty Program

Introducing “Onyx Gems” – Our Shimmering Loyalty Program!

🌟 *Glow with Radiant Rewards – Say Hello to “Onyx Gems”!* 🌟 We are absolutely thrilled to unveil our new loyalty program, “Onyx Gems,” created exclusively for our cherished customers like you. At The Purple Onyx, we believe that every customer is a gem, and this sparkling rewards program is our way of showing our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support. So, prepare to be dazzled as we present you with a treasure trove of delightful perks and exclusive benefits!

Discover the Brilliance
πŸ’Ž “Onyx Gems” is a radiant world of rewards, designed to make your experience with us truly extraordinary. With every purchase, you'll collect Onyx Gems points that open the door to a dazzling array of exclusive benefits and surprises, all tailored to add a touch of magic to your journey with The Purple Onyx.

πŸ’… Ascend through Luminous Levels:
🌈 As you amass Onyx Gems, you'll ascend through the levels of luminosity, starting from the radiant Opal Level, specially crafted for our new customers. Then, embrace the luminous glow of the Topaz Level, where early access to promotions awaits. Next, experience the brilliant allure of the Emerald Level, complete with a luxurious deluxe nail care kit and more. And finally, for our most cherished patrons, the prestigious Amethyst Level awaits, showering you with the grandest rewards!

πŸ’„ Mesmerizing Rewards Await:
🎁 With each level you achieve, be prepared to be mesmerized by the enchanting rewards that await. At 100 points, savor $5 off your next purchase, and watch it sparkle at 250 points as you receive a free nail polish with any service. When you reach 500 points, enjoy a stunning 20% discount on your next spa visit, and at 750 points, revel in a complimentary add-on service of your choice. Get ready to be amazed with a $50 gift voucher for a friend at 1,000 points and indulge with a 25% discount on any retail product at 1,500 points. The brilliance doesn't stop there – at 2,000 points, luxuriate with a free luxury manicure and pedicure combo.

🌟 Reach the Pinnacle: Amethyst πŸ’œ VIP Status:
πŸ’œ For our most esteemed customers, the pinnacle of “Onyx Gems” awaits – the illustrious Amethyst Level, attainable at 5,000 points. As an Amethyst VIP, you will bask in the glory of the most exclusive benefits, personalized consultations, invitations to VIP events, and a delightful surprise gift. You truly shine like a rare gem, and we're honored to celebrate your radiance!

🌠 Ready to sparkle and shine with Onyx Gems? Becoming a part of this brilliant rewards program is as easy as it gets! Each time you shop with The Purple Onyx, you're automatically rewarded with Onyx Gems points. Collect them, watch them grow, and experience the magic unfold!

At The Purple Onyx, we've crafted “Onyx Gems” with you in mind – our valued gem. As you embark on this radiant journey of rewards, know that each gemstone level brings with it a touch of wonder and appreciation for your loyalty. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, and we can't wait to dazzle you with the brilliance of “Onyx Gems” every step of the way!

Glow with Radiant Rewards – Embrace the Magic of Onyx Gems today! πŸŽ‡πŸ’…πŸ’œ



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