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Our Story

My main goal is to create a nail care spa that transcends tranquility and self-care.

Green Beauty

At our company, we take pride in the quality of our products. That’s why we use only the finest organic formulas and natural ingredients. You can trust that our products are safe for you and the environment, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience. Choose us for the best natural products on the market!


As pet lovers, we strongly oppose animal testing. Animals are living beings that deserve love, care, and respect. We believe that there are more ethical and humane ways to conduct research and testing. Therefore, we do not condone any form of animal testing in our business.

Professional Care

Our commitment to excellence means that we never settle for anything less than the highest quality products and services. You can trust us to deliver unparalleled performance without any compromises.

Non-Toxic Formula

You can trust us when it comes to the safety of our nail polishes and other products. We prioritize your health and our specialists’ well-being by ensuring that our products are non-toxic.

Personalized Experience

Our commitment to you is clear – every guest is treated as our favorite guest. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, so come and experience it for yourself.

We Love What We Do

Looking for a place where passion meets profession? Our studio is the perfect destination for you. Meet our team of professionals who are driven by their love for the job. Witness the difference they make every day. Come and be a part of our inspiring community.

Our Story

Welcome to The Purple Onyx, where southern charm meets Hollywood glam! I’m Elsie Parker, also known as MsParkerazzi, your guide to luxury nail care in the heart of Los Angeles. Drawing from my southern roots, I’m here to infuse each visit with warmth, hospitality, and a touch of Hollywood magic. Join me on this journey of beauty, relaxation, and unparalleled pampering. Let’s make every visit an unforgettable experience!

– Elsie Parker

· Meet Our Team ·

Elsie MsParkerazzi Parker

Owner, Master Manicurist, Artist, Business Major, Mom, Philanthropist


Future Manager

Master Stylist, Business Major


Future Employee

Master Manicurist, Artist

Our Products

We are committed to delivering the finest quality products and services. To achieve this, we only use the best natural ingredients in all of our products. We never compromise on quality, as it is essential to both our brand and our customers. Our goal is to create a peaceful and rejuvenating nail care sanctuary for our clients to enjoy and take care of themselves.