Paraffin Wax Treatment


10 minutes

🌸 Indulge in the ultimate treat for your hands with our heavenly Paraffin Wax Treatment! 🌿 Experience pure bliss as your hands are enveloped in a warm, velvety embrace. ✨ The nourishing properties of the paraffin wax deeply hydrate and soften your skin, while the gentle heat soothes tired muscles. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to silky-smooth hands that radiate bohemian beauty. Let us transport you to a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation with our enchanting Paraffin Wax Treatment. πŸŒΌπŸ‘βœ¨


Paraffin Wax Treatment Process:

  1. Preparation: The paraffin wax treatment process begins by ensuring that your hands or feet are clean and dry. They will also check for any cuts, open wounds, or skin conditions that may prevent you from receiving the treatment.
  2. Heating the Wax: The paraffin wax is melted in a specialized paraffin wax heater. The wax is heated to a comfortable temperature, ensuring it is warm enough to provide therapeutic benefits but not too hot to cause discomfort.
  3. Cleansing: Before applying the wax, I will cleanse your hands or feet using a gentle cleanser or antiseptic solution. This step helps to remove any dirt, oils, or impurities from the skin, ensuring better absorption of the wax. It’s better to add to a Pedicure.
  4. Application: Once the wax has reached the desired temperature, I will dip your hands or feet into the paraffin wax bath. We will gently submerge the area several times, allowing the wax to coat the skin in a thick, even layer.
  5. Encapsulation: After applying the initial layer of wax, I will wrap your hands or feet in plastic or a specialized paraffin wax mitt/booties. This helps to retain the heat and promotes better absorption of the wax into the skin.
  6. Relaxation: While the wax is setting, you will be encouraged to relax for approximately 10-15 minutes. The warmth of the wax aids in muscle relaxation and can provide a soothing and comforting sensation.
  7. Removal: After the designated time, I will carefully peel off the paraffin wax layer from your hands or feet. The wax will come off easily, leaving your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and rejuvenated.
  8. Moisturization: Once the wax has been removed, I will massage a moisturizing lotion or cream into your hands or feet. This step helps to lock in the moisture and further enhance the nourishing effects of the treatment.
  9. Final Touches: I will ensure that any excess wax residue is completely removed from your skin, leaving it clean and smooth. I will also shape and buff your nails, if desired.

Paraffin wax treatments are known for their hydrating and soothing properties, making them beneficial for dry, rough, or tired hands and feet. They can help improve circulation, relieve joint pain, and leave your skin feeling soft and supple.


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