Buff & Shine


10 minutes

🌸 Welcome to my tranquil nail sanctuary, where I offer the divine Buff & Shine service for your nails! πŸ’…βœ¨ Using gentle strokes and high-quality tools, I’ll carefully smooth away any imperfections, revealing the natural beauty of your nails. With my expert touch, I’ll bring out their radiant shine, making them dazzle like never before. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to nails that shimmer with a captivating luster. Treat yourself to this enchanting experience and let your nails sparkle with confidence! βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨


Buff & Shine Process:

  1. Nail Preparation: First, I’ll ensure your nails are clean and dry. If there’s any existing polish, I’ll gently remove it using a nail polish remover. This step ensures that we have a clean surface to work with.
  2. Buffing: I’ll use a buffing block or a soft buffer to gently smooth the surface of your nails. With light pressure, I’ll move the buffer in back-and-forth motions across the nail bed. This helps to remove any ridges, bumps, or imperfections.
  3. Shining: After buffing, I’ll switch to a polishing buffer or a high-grit nail buffer. I’ll use gentle circular motions on each nail to create a smooth and glossy finish. This step enhances the natural shine of your nails and gives them a healthy, polished appearance.
  4. Hydration: To keep your nails and cuticles nourished, I’ll apply moisturizing cuticle oil or a hydrating lotion. This helps to replenish moisture and maintain the health of your nails and surrounding skin.
  5. Final Touches: I’ll ensure that your nails look neat and tidy by shaping and trimming them if needed. I’ll also clean up any excess oil or residue around the nail bed, leaving your nails looking clean and polished.

Our buff & shine nail service is a great option if you prefer a natural and groomed look. By gently buffing and shining your nails, we enhance their appearance and create a smooth, glossy finish without the need for nail polish. Your nails will look healthy, well-maintained, and ready to show off.


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